High schoolers at The Armory's Bishop Loughlin Games share the deepest, darkest recesses of their race day bags.

Meet ariana

In her New Balance Nationals bag, Ariana has: a magazine, a "Shut up and Run" t-shirt, swimsuit bottoms (for ice bathing), deodorant, gloves, The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls, a spike key, glue stick, lip gloss, marker, phone charger, headphones, cell phone, and a purple running tank.

“We don't usually come to this meet—it's like a practice.”
— Ariana
Neptune High School, Senior

Meet conor

In his New Balance Nationals backpack, Conor has: headphones, a phone, a water bottle, a granola bar, spikes in a spike bag, and two metals—for good luck.

“I run the mile, it's the perfect distance. Not too long, not too short.”
— Conor
Fordham Prep

Meet Katie

In her bag, Katie has: a soccer sweatshirt, a watch, headbands, electrolytes, lip balm, spikes and a spike key, an empty water bottle, a stick, headphones and a phone, a homework folder and notebook (to work on a science paper), and a pencil pouch.

“I quit soccer for track.”
— Katie
Harborfields High School, Sophomore

Meet Edwin

In his New Balance Nationals backpack, Edwin has: a singlet top, spikes, a sports drink, an assortment of candy, a granola bar, a heat patch, a phone, headphones, and charger, a brush, a broken candy cane.

“I've been doing hurdles since I was a little kid.”
— Edwin
Winslow High School, Junior